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What are student representatives?

Student representatives in administration are representatives elected by the student union for the administrative organs of their university. Student representatives are full members of their administrative organs and represent not only themselves but the majority of the academic community: the students. Student representatives participate in the university’s decision-making and development process, bringing fresh ideas and the students’ perspective into the meetings. Students are the best experts on daily studies.

Would you like to apply?

All students who have registered for attendance are eligible to apply as student representatives. The duration of the term of office depends on the school and the administrative organ, but usually student representatives are elected for one or two years at a time. The positions are open for application before the end of the term, but the call for applications may also be opened in the middle of the term if a student representative graduates, for example. Deputy members are often appointed for the members of administrative organs.

About halloped.fi site

Through this site, you can apply to become a student representative in administration. The site also lists the administrative organs and their current student representatives. The system is maintained by Aalto University Student Union, but each student union is independently responsible for the content of their own site.